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6th Sense

6th Sense Provoke 106SINK

6th Sense Provoke 106SINK

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The crafted Provoke Jerkbait Series, by top professionals, now includes two sizes: the Provoke 106 and the new Provoke 97. Both are versatile, with the 106 floating or suspending at depths of 3-7ft, and the 97 offering similar high-quality performance. The innovative tapered tail design is key to both models, providing exceptional darting and turning with each rod twitch. These jerkbaits stand out with premium paint schemes, an efficient weight transfer system, super sharp hooks, and 3D eyes with high-definition scales and gill plates. With two size options, the Provoke Jerkbait Series sets itself apart in the market, combining lifelike movement and visual appeal for an improved fishing experience.


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