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6th Sense

6th Sense Vega Frog 70

6th Sense Vega Frog 70

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The 6th Sense Vega Frog has been released after extensive research and development by our Team 6 experts. We have created a unique design that combines the best features of walking, skipping, spitting, and popping frogs without sacrificing any of the important design elements. Equipped with a heavy gauge, 5/0 black nickel braid hook, the Vega offers maximum hook penetration and the ability to pull even the biggest fish out of the heaviest cover. The belly's slender keel shape creates a 180-degree walking motion with minimal effort, making it easier to catch more fish. With over 15 realistic color options to choose from, the Vega Frog is the ultimate choice for any fisherman looking to catch frogs.

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