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Berkley Powerbait Nessie Soft Glide Bait

Berkley Powerbait Nessie Soft Glide Bait

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Collaborating with Elite Series angler Mike Iaconelli, Berkley designed the innovative Powerbait Nessie Soft Glide Bait. It features a durable reinforced mesh joint and a brush-style tail that mimics the natural movement of baitfish. With a slow-sinking rate-of-fall and stabilizing belly fins, this bait creates a consistent S-shaped swim action. The patent-pending hook retention clip keeps the treble hook secure, while the Berkley Fusion19 treble hook ensures rapid hook penetration. Infused with Berkley's famous Powerbait formula, this bait attracts fish and increases your chances of a successful hookset. The Nessie Soft Glide Bait is also versatile, as it can be skipped under docks and overhanging cover. Its custom-painted forage-matching color patterns allow you to confidently target tight spaces that were previously unreachable with traditional glide baits.

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