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Googan Baits

Googan Blazin Worm

Googan Blazin Worm

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The Blazin’ Worm is a fiery new addition to the Googan Baits collection. Developed to revolutionize the swimming worm market, this soft-bait has incredible versatility for catching fish from top to bottom in any fishery. Taking inspiration from the patented V-Ridge double-flange tail shared by popular baits like the Bandito Bug and Slizzard, the Blazin’ Worm can create a stir both above and below the water's surface. Its modified texture, borrowed from the best-selling Bandito Bug, ensures that once a bass bites, it won't let go. With a need for speed, it's best to fish the Blazin’ Worm weightless or with a 1/8-1/4oz bullet weight for a quick and steady retrieve. Setting it up without weight allows for the most variation in speed, perfect for a topwater presentation. For a different action, Texas-rigging the Blazin’ Worm provides a thrilling swim and fall.


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