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Bobby Garland Live Roam'R

Bobby Garland Live Roam'R

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The Bobby Garland Live Roam'R is a lifelike minnow imitation, measuring 1.75 inches in length. This new addition to the Bobby Garland lineup showcases their dedication to innovative products specifically tailored for crappie fishing. Perfect for targeting "roaming" crappie with live forward-facing sonar technology, the Bobby Garland Live Roam'R soft-plastic bait boasts a sleek design. Its versatility allows for various techniques such as cast and retrieve, vertical jigging, dock shooting, long-line trolling, and spider rigging. With subtle features from head to tail, this bait mimics the natural movement of a real minnow. Its symmetrical design allows for multiple rigging options, producing a realistic "dying" or "live" baitfish appearance.

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