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Leland's Crappie Magnet Brandon Smith Jig Heads

Leland's Crappie Magnet Brandon Smith Jig Heads

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Collaboratively designed with renowned crappie angler Brandon Smith, Leland's Crappie Magnet Brandon Smith Jig Heads feature a distinctive head shape with flat and wide surfaces to maximize the effectiveness of forward-facing sonar. Ideal for combining with Crappie Magnet Slab Bites, these top-of-the-line crappie heads are the first jigs to provide the ability to add scent and color to your presentation with a simple locking of a Slab Bite into the jig's eye hole. With a Double Cross bait keeper and a horizontal posture, the Brandon Smith Hammer Head Jigs from Crappie Magnet ensure reliable positioning and hold on solid body trailers, while the side barbs minimize tearing of plastic and maintain durability and hook penetration with a top-quality 90-degree razor-sharp Mustad hook, utilizing UltraPoint technology. Proudly made in the USA, each package includes (5) jigs.


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