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Leland's Lures Eye Hole Pill Head Jig Head 5PK

Leland's Lures Eye Hole Pill Head Jig Head 5PK

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Color: Pink

Leland's Lures Eye Hole Pill Head Jig Head features the first jig head holding your scent. Like others in the series of Eye Hole scent holder jigs, you simply press your scent attractant into the eye hole to fill. Adding bait increases the bites you can get when fishing with the Eye Hole Pill Head Jig Head. Yes, the eye hole jig design locks scent into place for catching multiple fish! The flattened round head perfectly matches various techniques, from long-lining to dock shooting and everything in between.

Leland's Lures claims that their Double Cross side-barbs can hold any soft plastic jig body tighter and longer than other designs without impeding the hook gap. The Eye Hole Pill Head Jig Heads have a sharp and durable custom-made Mustad hook with UltraPoint technology. Originally designed for crappie, the Eye Hole Jig Head has also become popular among other species. For fishing in rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds, Leland's Eye Hole Pill Head Jig Head is perfect and can help you catch almost anything that swims!

  • Flattened round head cuts through the current
  • Add Crappie Magnet Slab Bites (or any scent) and color by placing the attractant in the eye hole
  • Double Cross jig head side-barb design holds tighter and longer while not impeding the hook gap
  • Custom-made Mustad hook featuring UltraPoint technology in two sizes:
    • 1/16oz jig head, size 2 hook
    • 1/8oz jig head, size 1 hook
  • Qty. per Pack: 5
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