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Berkley Powerbait Power Switch

Berkley Powerbait Power Switch

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Designed for Forward Facing Sonar - The Power® Switch empowers you to switch techniques and react to the fish or structure you see instantly. When a fish is spotted using forward facing sonar, time is of the essence. React quickly and precisely by using the weight-forward design for accurate casts and fast drops, allowing you to entice even the most finicky fish. The baitfish design of the Power Switch appeals to a variety of species and is perfect to have on hand at all times. Equipped with PowerBait flavor and a pre-rigged Fusion 19 hook for secure hook-ups. TRY THESE TECHNIQUES: Hovering, Snapping, Ripping, Vertical Jigging, Damiki, Dock Shooting, Straight Retrieve, Yo-yoing, Twitching, Bouncing off Bottom, Dragging on Bottom, Under a Bobber, More... Pro Tip 1: The new “HOVER” technique is achieved by rhythmically popping the rod tip to create

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