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Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon

Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon

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Sniper, Sunline America's top-selling product, offers exceptional versatility and manageability praised by our pros. It is a go-to for both spinning and casting tackle, thanks to its triple resin processing that enhances abrasion resistance, reduces memory, enhances suppleness and provides excellent longevity and consistent line diameter. Choose from 2-14 LB on a 200 YD spool or 16-30 LB on a 165 YD spool. Light line anglers prefer 2-5 LB tests, while finesse bass anglers rely on 5-7 LB tests, especially for drop shot and shakey head techniques. With its strength and performance on spinning reels, the 7 LB size is the best seller, as it is a unique size not offered by other companies. Larger sizes also excel on baitcasters.


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