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Yamamoto Yamatanuki 3.5

Yamamoto Yamatanuki 3.5

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Following our tradition of developing innovative lures that never fail to attract fish, we present the Yamatanuki. Though it's now available in the US for the first time, it has been a favorite in the Japanese Yamamoto lineup for many years. The Yamatanuki is recognized for setting the trend of "heavy" soft plastic baits, which have become popular in the US with offerings from Japanese manufacturers in recent years. The original Yamatanuki can be found in a 3.5" size and weighs 5/8 oz. It is crafted from a unique "heavy" soft plastic formula that allows for weightless fishing, impressive casting distance, and rapid sinking. This makes the Yamatanuki an exceptional choice for flipping, casting, dragging, as well as for casting at fish detected by forward-facing sonar. Our experts have hand-selected 8 colors to offer anglers a fantastic variety of fish-catching options, regardless of the conditions. The Yamatanuki is yet another remarkable addition

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