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Yum Ned Minnow

Yum Ned Minnow

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Ideal for downsizing presentations and utilizing a more subtle approach, the Yum Ned Minnow expertly imitates the profile and swimming action of a small baitfish - a favorite among bass. With a lifelike, anatomically accurate body shape complete with 3D fins, textured scales, and a vertically forked tail, this lure also features two opposite-facing tail flanges for a natural kicking motion that sets it apart from other soft plastics on the market. The flat nose makes the Yum Ned Minnow a perfect match for any mushroom style Ned jighead, but it also works well for drop shot rigs or even on a small scrounger jig. And for an added advantage, this lure is infused with Yum's proprietary attractant blend of enzymes and natural scents that have been proven to trigger a feeding response. For avid Ned rig anglers, the Yum Ned Minnow is an essential addition to your tackle box.


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