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Yum Scottsboro Flash Mob Jr Kits

Yum Scottsboro Flash Mob Jr Kits

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Make catching bass with the all-season Yum Scottsboro Flash Mob Jr Kits even easier! This innovative kit provides anglers with everything they need to use the tried-and-true umbrella rig in one convenient package. It includes the popular finesse-style rig with eye-catching flash that has been proven to attract both high numbers and trophy-sized bass for years. The Flash Mob Jr utilizes five durable, heat-treated stainless steel wires with premium swivels and snaps, ensuring flawless performance every time. Whether you're a first-time umbrella rig user or looking to expand your collection, the Yum Scottsboro Flash Mob Jr Kits are the perfect choice. These kits come fully equipped with perfectly matched jigheads and Yum Scottsboro Swimbaits, a collaboration between the skilled craftsmen at Scottsboro and the team at Yum Bait Company. The result is a highly effective swimbait that pairs perfectly with the umbrella rig and is equipped with four premium willow blades for maximum flash and fish



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