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Yum Spine Craw

Yum Spine Craw

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Designed for speed and action, the Yum Spine Craw is an essential craw bait that will become a staple in every fisherman's arsenal. With a compact body and two large claws, this bait has a rapid kicking motion that mimics the movements of fleeing prey, making it irresistible to bass. The angled appendages along the body create a strong water displacement, slowing down the descent and allowing for more accurate flipping with heavier weights. Highly versatile, the Yum Spine Craw is perfect for flipping, pitching, as a jig trailer, and for use with Texas and Carolina rigs. With a variety of bass-catching colors available, the Yum Spine Craw is a top-performing bait that will give you an edge in your next tournament.


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